The Crown Motors Jeep Team at the 20th Drummond Island Jeep Jamboree Part 2

The green group lining up on the morning of day 2

This was where we experienced the first major breakdown on a Crown Jeep Team adventure.

Luckily another Crown Jeep was right behind so we could hook up a tow strap and pull the broken Jeep out.

Special thanks to our trail guide Dave and the other members of the green group that assisted in the removal of our broken steering stabilizer.

Fortunately the broken part was not essential out on the trail so once it was removed we tried traversing the obstacle again.

This time we made it through without a problem

Following the trail guides directions is utterly important when going over large obstacles.

And its out!

Rock crawling at “The Citadel”

Jeeps gathering for lunch on day 2

As is true at any Jeep Jamboree we owe a big thanks to all of the organizers and trail guides that volunteered their time so that we could go out on the trail and have an excellent weekend.

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